Odyssey2 Console

There are actually several types of Odyssey² consoles (also known as "mainframes") released in the United States. A number of variations are already known, but there yet may be more. Two different console box types exist as well. The earlier box says "The Ultimate Computer Video Game System... By Magnavox" on its top; the later edition features the slogan, "The Excitement of a Game... the Mind of a Computer!"

These are the principal differences among the various Odyssey² console models:

A/C Adapters

The A/C adapter connects via a jack in the back of the console. The jack may be male, in which case it is compatible with a standard Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) power supply, or female, it which case it is not NES-compatible.

The adapters themselves come in three basic varieties: female plugs (NES compatible), male plugs (not NES compatible), or the rare dual-tipped adapter, which contains both male and female plugs. It is possible that the dual-plug adapter was only provided by Magnavox as a replacement part. Some adapters have the Odyssey² logo printed on them; others only say "Magnavox AC Adapter." For photos, see the chart.

AA 9063-BK01
  • AA 9063-BK01
  • Female plug
  • Magnavox Logo
AK 9046-BK01
  • AK 9046-BK01
  • Female plug
  • Magnavox Logo
AC 9063-BK03
  • AC 9063-BK03
  • Female plug
  • Odyssey² Logo
  • Unknown Part #
  • Female plug
  • Magnavox Logo
  • AJ 9046-????
  • Male plug
  • Magnavox Logo
AC 9084-BK02
  • AC 9084-BK02
  • Dual-Plug
  • Odyssey² Logo


The various models can have hardwired black joysticks, detachable silver joysticks, detachable black joysticks, or Command Center-style joysticks.

Black Joystick with Red Action Button Black Joystick with Black Action Button Silver Joystick Odysey3 Command Center Joystick

NOTE: If you open the casing of a console with hardwired joysticks, you'll find that the sticks attach via a molex-type connector, and can be removed. Detachable joysticks have standard 9-pin connectors, but are not compatible with standard (Atari 2600 and Commodore) joysticks.


Keyboards can be smooth, with a shiny laminated look and feel, or rough and unlaminated. The smooth keyboards are preferable, because the print on the rough keyboards will wear away with heavy use.


RF Cables

The hardwired cords that connect the console to a television can have standard (RCA) jacks or non-standard, 1970s-style jacks. The non-standard jacks require special switchboxes which are no longer manufactured. If your console has a non-standard cable, it's a simple matter to swap it out for a standard RCA cable. Instructions are available on Ozyr's Classic Video Game Emporium.



The Odyssey² logo on the console's upper left-hand corner may be flat (stenciled directly on the console), or on a raised plastic rectangle.

Flat Logo
Raised Logo

The consoles with flat logos also have the word "Magnavox" printed above the power button; the raised logo consoles do not.

Thanks to reader contributions and my own research, I have been able to assign model numbers to most of the known console variations. Former Philips employee Jayson Hill offered some input as well. The data presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but it's subject to change if more information becomes available:

North American Odyssey² Console Model List

Model No. Joysticks A/C Jack RF Cable Keyboard Logo
BA7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) Male Standard Smooth Flat
BB7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) Male Standard Smooth Flat
BC7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) Male Standard Rough Raised
BC7600 GT02 Hardwired (black) Male Standard Rough Flat
BJ7600 GY02 Detachable (black) Female Nonstandard Smooth Flat
BJ7600 GY02 Detachable (silver) Female Unknown Smooth Flat
BK7600 GY02 Detachable (silver) Male Nonstandard Smooth Flat
BK7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) Male Standard Unknown Flat
CC7600 GY02
Hardwired (black) Male Standard Rough Raised
Unknown* Command Center-style Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Odysey3 Command Center Joystick * The Odyssey² console with Command Center joysticks is by far the rarest style out there. It features hardwired (molex-style) controllers. These are black, thicker plastic sticks with one long red "fire bar" across the top, instead of the smaller "ACTION" button. Jayson Hill says he has found many of these consoles in the Knoxville, Tennessee area (Philips' U.S. headquarters), and I've heard from one other player who claims to have seen one back "in the day." To date, I've never seen an actual console, or even a photo of one. My suspicion is that they are unreleased engineering prototypes.

Renewed Console Box Renewed console warranty sticker

Renewed Consoles

Presumably these are consoles that were modified by Magnavox service centers, probably to replace their broken hardwired controllers with detachable 9-pin ports. Some renewed consoles have the word RENEWED stamped on their undersides and on the box they come in. Unlike regular console boxes which are fully printed in color on all sides, Renewed console boxes are a plain whitish brown, with only a partial color label on top. Some renewed console boxes have a yellow warranty sticker affixed to one side. Dennis Gruchala reports that the berths for the joystick ports on his renewed console appear to have been cut out, and the ports themselves have the appearance of replacement parts and are labeled with the letters AMP.
Renewed O2 Console
Odyssey3 Command Center

Odyssey3 Command Center

Philips' "next-generation" follow-up to the Odyssey² was engineered, developed, and heavily promoted, but ultimately was never released in the American market. There are very few known prototype consoles out there, most found near Philips HQ in Knoxville (although one turned up in Colorado). Most models of the console are black with muted silver trim, although Troy Lukkarila owns one with beige trim. The Command Center features a raised rubber keyboard (including some extra buttons not found on the Odyssey²). It has thicker, detachable Atari 2600-style joysticks with long red "fire bars" across the top, which tuck away neatly in two compartments on either side of the cartridge slot. The Command Center can play three types of games:
  • Standard Odyssey² games
  • Enhanced Odyssey² games - These games are identical to their Odyssey² counterparts, only when played on a Command Center, they would display beautiful ColecoVision-quality backgrounds. These enhanced carts would also function in normal Odyssey² units, only without the special backgrounds.
  • Command Center games - All-new games designed to take advantage of the Command Center's advanced capabilities. These games will not function on a standard Odyssey².