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Game Reviews!

Welcome to the Reviews section, one of the oldest parts of this site! Reviews of just about anything are easy to find on the Internet – but nowadays, most are videos on YouTube. Do people even read textual reviews anymore? I suppose if you're still interested in some stranger's opinions about decades-old videogames, you're probably willing to put up with a few paragraphs. Well, if you are, you've come to the right place!

I hope to one day have reviews of ALL Odyssey² and Videopac games here – even the handful of games Philips released for other systems under the "Probe 2000" label. Unfortunately, it takes time to write them. So, I'm asking for your help. If you've ever wanted to review an Odyssey² game, here's your chance! Please submit your reviews!

A small number of games have been treated to in-depth spotlights beyond the traditional text review. Spotlights feature fancier layouts, original writing, and maybe a few fun extras. Check 'em out!

Game Ratings

Each game is rated from 1 to 5 (1 = poor) in four categories, by one or more reviewers. In the case of multiple games on one cartridge, each Rating is an average of the Rating of the individual games. The categories are:

  • Play - This is the "playability" of the game; play control, how fun it is, how long you can play before going insane, etc.
  • Graphics - How good the graphics are for the system.
  • Sound - How good the sound is in comparison to other games on the system.
  • Voice - This Rating only applies to Voice games, naturally. It measures how good the game's Voice sound is, compared to other Voice games.
  • Overall - This is an average of all the other categories (not counting the Voice category if it doesn't apply).

The "Overall Score" box at the top of each review is an average of all the reviewer ratings. Click the VIEW ALL button to see them.

Submitting Your Own Ratings

To submit your own numerical ratings for a reviewed game, just click the RATE IT! button in the "Overall Score" box. A form will pop up. Fill out the form and click "Submit," and your ratings will be sent to me via e-mail. If they're complete, I'll add your ratings as soon as I have time, usually within a few days. The ratings are sent anonymously unless you choose to include your e-mail address.