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Common Questions

I hear these questions a lot. To save us all time and effort, I've provided some answers below. Please read through them before filling out the form. Thanks!

How do I hook up my Odyssey² to a TV set?

Coaxial Input To start off, it's best if you have a TV that has a coaxial input (most older TVs do... it's the screw-shaped input jack that cables screw onto). There are two options for connecting your Odyssey² via the coaxial input:

RF Switchbox The most common method is to use an RF switchbox. This is a little rectangular box also called a "TV/Game switch," because it has a two-position switch usually labeled "TV" and "Game." Odyssey² units were packaged with these, but they often get lost over the years. Luckily, you can buy replacements at stores that sell home electronic goods. If you're not sure what to ask for, take your console to the store and ask the clerk. He or she will probably know what you're talking about. Caution: do not buy an automatic RF switchbox like those used for newer video game systems. They are not compatible with older systems like the Odyssey².

RCA Female to F-Type Male Adapter Another method is to use a connector called an RCA® Female to F Male or Phono to F-type adapter. This is a small silver or gold (gold may work slightly better) connector that fits directly on the end of the Odyssey² RF cable and allows it to screw onto your TV set. These adapters give you a better picture than a switchbox, but you won't be able to watch TV on your set without swapping cables.

Non-standard RF Jack IMPORTANT NOTE! The early models of Odyssey² units have non-standard RF jacks. These jacks were sometimes used in the 1970s and in Europe, and resemble the one pictured on the right (note that the metal tip is longer than on standard jacks). They are usually found on Odyssey² units with detachable joysticks. These kinds of jacks aren't used today; you won't be able to buy a compatible switchbox or adapter at an electronics store if you have such a console. The only solutions are to: A) find a proprietary Odyssey² switchbox (very difficult to do, since most Odyssey² switchboxes are standard ones), or B) Open up the console, pull out the nonstandard cable and replace it with a standard one. Replacing the cable is actually quite easy. Ozyr's Video Game Emporium even has detailed instructions to walk you through the procedure.

Where can I get Odyssey² ROMs?

The best place to get ROMs is René van den Enden's Videopac Page. Most (perhaps all) available ROMs are there!

What is my Odyssey² stuff worth?

While it's true that there are collectors who will pay good money for older video games, Odyssey² is neither the most collected nor the most valuable of systems out there. Some games, like Power Lords, get respectable sums, but most do not. I'm not an authority, but if you are interested in selling, go to eBay and search the Completed Listings to see what kind of prices similar items have been getting lately. Since eBay is the easiest place to sell old video games, that usually will be a good indication of the kind of money you may be able to make. In general, classic video games are worth only what people will pay for them. This is usually a buyer's market.

Where can I buy Odyssey² and Videopac items?

There are several classic video game dealers on the Internet, but you'll probably have the best luck finding things on eBay. With thousands of auctions listed every day, chances are you'll find what you're looking for if you're patient. (I'm not paid to endorse eBay or anything – that's just the way it is!) However, if you're looking for NEW homebrew Odyssey² games, go check out one of the main publishers: Videopac Is @live, Revival Studios, and 2600 Connection.

Do you have any Odyssey² items for sale or trade?

I'm not a dealer of classic video games, sorry. The best place to purchase Odyssey² merchandise is usually eBay.

I need a new Odyssey² power supply! How can I get one?

Luckily, you don't need an original Odyssey² power supply to run your console. Most electronics stores sell adjustable power supplies that you can use. Odyssey²'s power supply requirements are: 12v AC 600mA. However, Odyssey² consoles contain an internal bridge rectifier and 5v regulator, which means that it should be safe to use supplies that don't exactly match these specifications. It should be safe to use a power supply that provides anywhere from 9V to about 14V, AC or DC.

Many Odyssey² players use power supplies from other, more common consoles. A standard 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) power supply can be used on most Odyssey² consoles, just not the early models. If your Odyssey² has a round, female power port with a thin metal peg in the middle, it's compatible with an NES supply. If your console's power port is female, but smaller and lacking the metal peg, try an Atari 2600 supply. It should work!


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