Articles and advertisements from a bygone era

Remember newspapers? Those tightly rolled sheafs that arrived on your doorstep (or in your bushes) every day, that got your hands all inky when you read them? The things that used to bring news of the world directly to you, printed on actual, physical paper? Newspapers still exist today of course, but they no longer hold their once-preeminent position in the media landscape. In the Internet age, they seem almost quaint.

But back in those pre-online times, a newspaper was one of the most important methods people used to learn about the world around them – its pages a window into the day's events, technologies and fads. They commanded people's attention – and of course, advertising followed. During Odyssey²s time on the market, newspapers were a critical way to inform and attract buyers.

Many newspapers from that era have been archived on microfilm or microfiche and may be available at your local library. Even better, many can be viewed digitally in online archives – some of them (like Google's) are even free! This section contains Odyssey² newspaper content pulled from such sources. Read through it to revisit a simpler, ink-stained time.