The guide to Odyssey² "stuff"

The goal of this section is to provide a guide to all the physical objects, other than game cartridges and packaging, that exist in the realm of Odyssey²! This includes advertising, hardware, and various other items of interest. Some of these aren't too hard to find, but several items listed are quite rare. Certain items (such as the Odyssey Home Arcade Center) were certainly advertised, but no one knows if any still exist. So, if you know of any unusual Odyssey² collectibles or something not listed on this section, contact me!





Sample Item

A guide for how difficult it is to find an item. It refers to the item's availability online – it's difficult to find any Odyssey² items in "the real world" any more, but you can still get them on the Internet. These evaluations are based on my own observations and experience, and should be taken as general guidelines, not hard and fast rarity ratings.

  • Common - You should be able to find these items with a minimum of searching.
  • Uncommon - Expect to search a while longer and to pay a little extra for these items.
  • Scarce - These items are out there all right, but they're few and far between.
  • RARE - Reserved for prototype, unique or near-unique items. They may not be totally impossible to find, but they come close!
  • Unknown - Such an item was advertised, but I currently don't know of any examples in existence. This may indicate extreme rarity, or just a lack of information on my part. Or, real examples of the item may not exist at all.


I have learned about the items in this section from magazines, the Digital Press Collector's Guide, Internet friends, and my own observations. Thanks go out to many, but especially to Robert Kaiser, Rikard Ljungkvist, CyberRoach, Marco Kerstens, Marcello Iannuzzi, Michael Worrall, Michael O'Donnell, René van den Enden, Marcelo Ribeiro and Martin Scott Goldberg!


I'm always looking for reader contributions to add to this section of the site. In particular, you can help in the following areas:

  • New Collectibles - Do you know of an Odyssey- or Videopac-related collectible that's not listed here? Tell me about it!
  • New/Better Photos - As you look through this section, you'll notice that some items are missing photographs or have photos that aren't very clear. If you can provide new or better photos, let me know.
  • Availability - If an item has "Unknown" availability, that means I don't know of any collectors who have one. Obviously, if you own an "Unknown" item, I'd like to know.

Got something to contribute? Contact me!