Color 8.5" × 11", four- or six-page sales brochures available to retailers, and sometimes mailed to Odyssey² owners. These helped promote the Odyssey²'s "strong points," like The Voice module and the Master Strategy series of games. Also note the GTE Employees brochure. GTE (General Telephone) had a partnership with Philips/Magnavox where certain products, including Odyssey², were offered at a discounted price to its employees. This brochure shows what bargains were available to GTE workers around Christmas 1983.

Notes on brochure availability: some brochures were distributed with Odyssey² consoles or in promotional mailings such as the Christmas Gift Guide (see Mail & Forms section). These brochures, while not terribly common, are not nearly as tough to find as those distibuted at trade shows and the like. In general, most brochures are scarce, but the trade show brochures are quite rare. For more on brochure availability, click here.

Odyssey Selling Aids