Odyssey² Emulators


O2EM is the premier open-source Odyssey² emulator, which was originally created by Dan Boris. It supports most (if not all) Odyssey² and Videopac games, including Videopac + G7400 titles. Consult the O2EM Site for O2EM updates and to download the latest versions for Windows, Linux, or DOS.

  • O2EM for Macintosh - O2EM/MacOS is a Mac port of O2EM by Richard Bannister. It runs a respectable number of games, including Videopac + G7400 titles. Visit the O2EM/MacOS web page for more information and downloads.
  • O2EM for Xbox - XPort Emulation ported O2EM to the original Xbox several years ago, under the name OdysseyX. Their old web site ( seems to be gone, and I don't believe OdysseyX is still being maintained. So for posterity, I'm including a download link for the most recent version I could find. I offer no guarantees that it will work, but the download does contain a readme file with setup instructions. Click here to download (3.14mb).

O2EM Support Files

  • ROMs - O2EM requires the 1K Odyssey² BIOS ROM as well as a cartridge ROM to function. Look for these at René van den Enden's Videopac Page. To run Videopac + G7400 games using O2EM, you will need a G7400 game ROM, as well as the G7400 BIOS, both of which should be available on René's page as well.
  • Main Voice Sampleset (664 kb @ - Needed for all Voice games. Unzip this into the /voice subfolder.
  • Sid the Spellbinder Sampleset (534 @ - Voice samples needed for Sid the Spellbinder. Unzip this into the /voice subfolder.

O2EM Frontends

Frontends are programs that allow you to run games by selecting them from a list instead of typing in instructions on a command line. They make life much easier!

  • O2EM Launcher (211 kb @ by Heitor Barcellos. The best Windows-based frontend for O2EM versions 0.80 and above. Recommended! O2EM Launcher now supports screenshots and box scans. Download the Screenshot Pack (493 kb) for use with O2EM Launcher.
  • jo2emLauncher (Java O2EM Launcher) (58 kb @ by Philippe Ventrillon. As the name indicates, a Java-based frontend for O2EM. Begun in 2013, this open-source project is currently in an early stage, with the goal of eventually supporting multiple platforms. The first target is Linux.
  • Oxygen (702 kb) by Erik Winblad. This was the most popular frontend before O2EM v0.80 came out. Will not work with v0.80 and above.
  • O2EMUGUI (1.5 Mb) by Frank Ciappetta. A fine frontend, unfortunately it will not function with O2EM v0.80 and up.


MESS (the Multi-Emulator Super System) emulates a number of different computers and game consoles, including Odyssey². MESS has now merged with MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. So current and future releases of MAME will be able to play Odyssey² games! MESS & MAME's Odyssey² support has historically lagged behind O2EM's, but has greatly improved over time. Visit the official MAME site for up-to-date information and downloads. You can also find MESS-specific information at the MESS Wiki.

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