For years, the importer behind the オデッセイ 2 (the Japanese spelling of "Odyssey 2") has been identified as "Kooton", a name found by translating the text on the back of Japanese manuals into English. However, the company's name is actually "Corton." "Kooton" is an overly literal translation that came about due to the complexities of converting Japanese text into English. Read this article to learn more about this topic.

Corton imported American Odyssey² games as-is, making only slight changes to the packaging before putting them up for sale in the Japanese market. The primary alteration was the addition of a pale or metallic rectangular sticker on the side of each game box. These stickers contained Japanese characters, with many titles written in katakana, the phonetic Japanese alphabet used to print foreign words. Other than these stickers, the only difference between Japanese and American Odyssey² games is the inclusion of a folded, cheaply-made manual printed in Japanese. The Japanese manuals are black-and-white only, and their print quality is so low that they almost look photocopied. Obviously, Corton spared no expense in producing them!

Japanese Odyssey² games are fairly rare and come up for sale infrequently, so it's hard to know exactly how many games were ever sold in the Japanese market. The Database lists only the games that I have seen photographic evidence of or own myself. Each game is listed by the English translation of its Japanese title, when available.

Games for the オデッセイ 2

Title No. Publisher
Alien Invaders—Plus (Japan) 9428 Philips
Beesubooru 9408 Philips
Casino Slot Machine (Japan) 9426 Philips
Electronic Table Soccer (Japan) 9423 Philips
Gorudo Rasshu 9437 Philips
Itazura Monkii Geemu 9432 Philips
Konpyuutaa Gorufu 9410 Philips
Nazo no UFO 9430 Philips
Pachinko (Japan) 9425 Philips
Purei Sansuu Geemu 9413 Philips
Ribaashii 9421 Philips
Robotto Gundan Geemu 9447 Philips
Supiidouei/Rannabauto/Angou Kaidoku 9400 Philips

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