Homebrews and Reproductions

"Homebrew" is the label commonly given to games produced by individual programmers for play on systems that are no longer commercially supported. The Odyssey² was treated to its first homebrew – John's Dondzila's Amok! – in 1998, about 15 years after Philips ceased official support for the console. After Amok!, Odyssey² homebrew support evaporated completely until 2003, when Kill the Attacking Aliens and Planet Lander! appeared in rapid succession. Recent years have brought even more homebrewed games; here's hoping the trend continues.

Homebrews are original creations. This distinguishes them from reproductions, which are copies of commercial console games produced after official support for the machine was discontinued. Repros are typically issued for prototype games that were never released through normal channels. Usually, repros are released with custom labels, original manuals and sometimes boxes that are designed to resemble vintage packaging. The first true Odyssey² repro was Interpol, released by Nico Sapin in 2000 after a prototype was discovered in Europe. Odyssey² multicarts, which contain multiple games and prototypes on a single cartridge, could also be considered a repro of sorts. Prototype reproductions have become more commonplace in recent years as the Odyssey/Videopac community has become more organized.

In the Games Database, prototypes and reproductions are treated as separate entities. Original prototypes are listed under the geographical region where they were discovered. All repros, however, are listed here – regardless of their region of issue. Many game collectors consider homebrews and reproductions to be separate from original games; hence they have been given their own section.

Games for Odyssey²- and Videopac-Compatible Consoles

Title No. Publisher
Aaron the Aant! CR 010 2600 Connection
Air Assault RS-VP007 Revival Studios
Amityville! RC 009 VP Is @live
Amok! J. Dondzila
Amok! (Rack Test Version) 2600 Connection
Astrododge RS-VP001 Revival Studios
Astrododge Versus RS-VPX01 Revival Studios
Baseball+ 8 CCC
BLOB AS 9451 VP Is @live
Boom Box RC 016 VP Is @live
C7060 Game Selector C7060 René Enden
C7061 Game Selector C7061 Packrat
Calculator! RE 02 Packrat
Cavity RS-VP005 Revival Studios
Chief Chef CR 009 2600 Connection
Clay Pigeon + 62+ Silicium
Clay Pigeon + 62+ Humanoid
Cold Case! RC 019 Atari Comp.
Colorclash RS-VP003 Revival Studios
Countdown! AC 9450 VP Is @live
Dark Dungeon! RC 006 VP Is @live
Death Race (O2 style) LD 001 2600 Connection
Death Race (VP+ style) DR VP Is @live
Dino Dash RS-VPX02 Revival Studios
Down! RS-VP009 Revival Studios
Dungeon of Eternity LD 004 VP Is @live
Exojet 2600 Connection
Fatso! CR 001 2600 Connection
Fatso! CR 001 VP Is @live
Flash Point 53+ CCC
Forbidden Lands RC 012 VP Is @live
Free Food For Fish! RC 012 VP Is @live
G7400 Service Test Cartridge René Enden
Golf Tournament! LD 003 VP Is @live
GoSub 2 CR 005 2600 Connection
GoSub! CR 002 2600 Connection
Happy Bird! RC 007 2600 Connection
Haunted Woods! RC 015 VP Is @live
High Water Patrol! RC 004 VP Is @live
Hot Love! RC 002 VP Is @live
Interpol 61 Silicium
Interpol AC 9449 VP Is @live
J.G. Munchkin! 2600 Connection
Jungle Girl! DW-001 VP Is @live
K.C. Munchkin Redux! GDG
K.C.'s Escape! GDG
Kill the Attacking Aliens Xype
Kill the Attacking Aliens Packrat
Killer Bees "Plus" (Odyssey3 Version) VP Is @live
Lady Frog! RC 021 VP Is @live
Laser Blitz! RC 017 VP Is @live
Lord of the Dungeon (ColecoVision) 2147CL Probe 2000
M*A*S*H/U.S. Rally C7441 René Enden
Mage 2: The Dark Mirror RS-VP008 Revival Studios
Mage 3: The Final Journey RS-VP010 Revival Studios
Mage: The Enchanted Crystals RS-VP004 Revival Studios
Mars Menace! RC 011 VP Is @live
Martian Threat 67 CCC
Mayhem RS-VP002 Revival Studios
Mean Santa! RC 013 2600 Connection
MelRep 68 Bas K
Mission Impossible/Programmed Trip Humanoid
Mission Impossible/Programmed Trip Zero Edition RVDE MV 04 VP Is @live
Moon Town! RC 018 VP Is @live
Moto-Crash 2600 Connection
Mr. Roboto! TF 02 Packrat
Munchkin+ 38+ Revival Studios
Neon Nights! RC 020 VP Is @live
Nice Ice! CR 006 2600 Connection
Night Fighter AC 9450 2600 Connection
NightFighter 2 RetroGenesis
Odyssey² Multicart n/a J. Dondzila
Piggyback Planet! RC 003 VP Is @live
Pinball! CGE Services
Pink Panther (April Fool's 2014) VP Is @live
Planet Lander! TF 01 Packrat
Play Tag 69 Bas K
Pong for Videopac and Odyssey²! Packrat
Power Lords (ColecoVision) 2149CL Probe 2000
Power Lords (PAL) 3 RetroGenesis
Puzzle Piece Panic! TF 03 Packrat
Ralph Baer's Pinball! GDG
Restaurant 2600 Connection
Robot City 71 CCC
Robot City 1 RetroGenesis
Route 66! 66 Humanoid
Route 66+ 66 CCC
Sea Rescue! SCRC 001 VP Is @live
Shark Hunter 64 CCC
Shooting Gallery!/Minefield! RC 08 Packrat
Space Cavern AP 3002 VP Is @live
Space Monster+ 22+ VP Is @live
Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom POND 01 VP Is @live
Spider-Man 981503 VP Is @live
Spider-Man 65 Bas K
Stairrunner RS-VP006 Revival Studios
Strikeforce RS-VP011 Revival Studios
Terrahawks: The Second Assault 70 CCC
Tesla Roadster's Journey to Mars T1 VP Is @live
The 50-Foot-Tall Stalk of Celery! CR 009 2600 Connection
Tower Turtles! RS LF 001 Retronic
Traffic! CR 004 Packrat
Tutankham CCC
Videopac Service Test Cartridge STC Bas K
Walls! CR 003 2600 Connection
Western + 01 RVDE MV VP Is @live
Wildlife! RC 005 2600 Connection
Wildlife+ RC 005 VP Is @live

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