By Egoitz Campo

Tournament Index

  1. May 2020
  2. August 2020
  3. April 2021

Editor's note: the Basque and Derio Tournaments of Videopac G7000 are small contests in Basque Country near northern Spain, held for the first time in May 2020. This article is about the third tournament, held in April 2021. You can read about the inaugural event here and the second (August 2020) tournament here.

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Euskal-Retro group organized the II Basque Tournament of Videopac G7000, the Odyssey² of Europe. We played in Bilbao this time with a total of five players, all of them fanatic gamers of retro-consoles! We played all the matches in the second floor of a tavern called "Café Berria" in Santutxu (Bilbao – Basque Country). As in both the tournaments we played last year, all of the players enjoyed playing to Videopac a lot. And, we played some different games.

We played in total five videogames: Munchkin (a great game), Stone Sling (medieval game), Cosmic Conflict (a classic in our tournaments and maybe one of the best games of Videopac), Air Sea-War/Battle (an amazing game), and A Labyrinth Game (a fast game). The best player was Luis, he played much better than the rest.

Probably we wil gather again in October to play a new tournament of Videopac: the first edition of Bizkaia Tournament. I hope we will gather more players.

Air-Sea War
Stone Sling


The points or score attained is shown in parentheses.

  1. Luis Getxo 5 points (23)
  2. Egoitz Campo 4 points (19)
  3. Pablo Pérez 3 points (15)
  4. Andi Erromo 2 points (10)
  5. Daniel Barrientos 1 point (0)
Stone Sling
  1. Luis Getxo 4 points
  2. Egoitz Campo 3 points
  3. Andi Erromo 3 points
  4. Daniel Barrientos 2 points
Cosmic Conflict

In parentheses:
Number of enemies destroyed

  1. Egoitz Campo 3 points (8)
  2. Daniel Barrientos 2 points (7)
  3. Luis Getxo 1 point (5)
Air Sea-War/Battle
  1. Luis Getxo 4 points
  2. Egoitz Campo 3 points
  3. Andi Erroma 2 points
  4. Daniel Barrientos 1 point
A Labrynth Game

In parentheses:
Time needed to find the exit

  1. Luis Getxo 3 points (12 seconds)
  2. Daniel Barrientos 2 points (38 seconds)
  3. Egoitz Campo 1 point (45 seconds)

Classification of the
II. Basque Tournament of Videopac G7000

  1. Luis Getxo - 17 points (Basque Country)
  2. Egoitz Campo - 14 points (Basque Country)
  3. Daniel Barrientos - 8 points (Basque Country)
  4. Andi Erromo - 7 points (Basque Country)
  5. Pablo Pérez - 3 points (Basque Country)
Cosmic Conflict