By Arcade Ron

Editor's notes: The following tale was related to me via e-mail by "Arcade Ron," who entered and won an Odyssey² contest sponsored by KROQ (106.7 FM), a Los Angeles-area radio station based out of Burbank, CA. It's an interesting story that illustrates how Odyssey² wasn't really taken seriously, even in the early '80s.

As for the contest, it only reminds me of how little interest and support there was for the Odyssey². My then favorite radio station, KROQ, (still very popular) was promoting the contest. It was to be held at a mall in Los Angeles (don't remember which). The idea was that everyone competed against each other for best score on Attack of the Timelord!, and the winner was to play against the popular DJ, Jed the Fish, for best score. If that person's score exceeded Jed's score, he would win an Odyssey² and Voice.

So I convinced my parents to drive me and my best friend to L.A. from Orange County (1-2 hour drive). When the contest started, there was maybe not even ten kids there. I easily advanced since most had never even played before. I don't remember my score, because I just stopped playing once I surpassed the others' scores.

Then I went head to head with Jed the Fish. I was a fan and very nervous and excited, but he'd never played before either. He just goofed around and I beat him easily. I WON the O2 and Voice! I told my friend, who didn't have one, that I would give it to him.

Now there was a drawing for another O2 and Voice. There was maybe only a couple dozen tickets in a bowl. During my advancement, the station manager/head promoter liked my friend and I A LOT. We were the only two really into it. She secretly asked to see my friend's ticket earlier. I suspected something was up and then my friend told me. She rigged the drawing so that my friend won the O2 and Voice. (I guess I didn't have to give him mine after all.) The turnout was such a failure, so we all just shook hands in thanks and both my friend and I left with our hands full. No pictures or anything like that. No mention the next day on the radio.

My parents returned from window shopping and their jaws were on the floor with amazement. They couldn't believe it. We had to rearrange the trunk so all the stuff could fit. That's it. We drove home and since I had a system already, the new system went in my closet. That's the story.