How to Play "Plus" Games in the United States
G7400 Import Guide

It's one of the great miseries of our time that the "next-generation" follow up to the Odyssey², the Odyssey3 Command Center, was never released. Well, not outside of Europe, anyway. In Europe, a near-equivalent console known as the Philips G7400 actually made it to market, along with a handful of enhanced "Plus" games. Unfortunately, if you want to play "Plus" games in the United States, it's not a matter of simply importing a G7400 and plugging it in. You have to have an appropriate video monitor, some way to deal with the European power plug, and most importantly, you have to know the right kind of G7400 to buy. Overall, successfully importing a G7400 can be more than a little confusing. This guide is here to help.

Please note: I've researched everything in this section and it's as complete as I can make it, but there still may be some gaps (for example, I still haven't been able to locate a source of 8-pin DIN RGB cables). If you can contribute to this guide, please contact me.

Step 1: Buying a G7400

It's not always easy to find a G7400, let alone to know which model to buy. Read this section for help.

Step 2: Modifying the Console

Depending on which G7400 model you buy and what video capability your TV or monitor has, you may need to modify the console for composite video or RGB. If your G7400 has an SCART (Péritel) port, and your TV has RGB or SCART capability, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Plugging It In

Europe uses a different electrical power standard than the United States. Check this section to find out what you need to power on your G7400.

Step 4: Hooking It Up to Your TV

This is possibly the most confusing aspect of using a G7400 in the United States. Read through this section carefully to learn what kind of monitor and cable you need.

One final note: The G7400 power switch is notoriously prone to failure. It is possible to replace broken switches, though not exactly easy. At one time, instructions for replacing the switch were available on this site, but it has sadly disappeared. Research among G7400 enthusiasts has uncovered the switch's original Toshiba part number (V30053880), and a suitable replacement part from a German electronics supplier named Aswo (Aswo part number 9389917). Unfortunately, Aswo only sells to licensed repair shops in Germany. At this time, I know of no ready source for replacement power switches. If you learn of one, please contact me.